02 Jun 2016

Is Mark Zuckerberg using Grafio?

Written by Ten Touch. Posted in Motivation, Productivity

    This morning, a day in the office like any other I was drinking coffee and going trough Facebook posts when suddenly a cool diagram appeared. Mark Zuckerberg had posted this diagram explaining how the communication with the ISS was made in order for Facebook to broadcast the first ever Facebook Live video from Space. There were […]

01 Dec 2015

Capture your ideas

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You are sleeping and having a dream. You wake up and for a brief moment(a couple of seconds) you remember it and then it’s gone forever. Your dream just vanishes in thin air. The same thing happens to your ideas.  Memories worth more than ideas This all has to do with our memory. As humans we […]

18 Nov 2015

Productivity, Work & Sport

Written by Stoyan Marinov. Posted in Grafio, Motivation

Did you know that sport has a strong relationship to work and productivity? A major study, commissioned by professional services recruitment and talent agency, Hudson, has evaluated the impact of sporting success and failure on the UK workplace. The research has been conducted by The Social Issues Research Centre, an independent, non-profit organisation founded to […]