Is Mark Zuckerberg using Grafio?




This morning, a day in the office like any other I was drinking coffee and going trough Facebook posts when suddenly a cool diagram appeared. Mark Zuckerberg had posted this diagram explaining how the communication with the ISS was made in order for Facebook to broadcast the first ever Facebook Live video from Space. There were other live broadcasts from space before so nothing really special but the diagram was very cool and sort of familiar. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.54.33 PM

original image that mark posted

Original diagram that Mark Zuckerberg posted

Something about that diagram was very familiar to our team so we started to wonder if there is a chance it was made with Grafio. Being the makers of Grafio someone like Mark using our App would have been so awesome for us. 

Btw. Our team is from Bulgaria and the internet says Mark has Bulgarian heritage and was even named after his grandfather “Marko” . So it would not be such a coincidence if he is using Bulgarian software ? Right?

All jokes aside I grabbed an iPad and 20 minutes later I had replicated this exact diagram in Grafio. Here it is.


You can download it from our examples page and edit it in Grafio. 

Is Mark using Grafio?

Answering the question we were asking our team. Is Mark Zuckerberg indeed using Grafio or is he using another diagramming app. When you compare the two images obviously the colors are different. The icon of the ISS is also different. Other than that it’s an absolutely identical diagram. It might very well be made in Grafio. But we can’t answer if it was or it isn’t for sure.

No matter what the answer is what’s important here is that diagrams are a great way to explain stuff and you should make more of them.  


Capture your ideas


You are sleeping and having a dream. You wake up and for a brief moment(a couple of seconds) you remember it and then it’s gone forever. Your dream just vanishes in thin air. The same thing happens to your ideas. 

Memories worth more than ideas

This all has to do with our memory. As humans we have immediate and long-term memory. It’s the same way with computers, they have RAM Memory and a hard drive. When you wake up from a dream you are granted access to your memory but the command for it to be deleted has already been initiated. Yes we have a very good long-term memory but there is a very good filter applied to it so not everything is going there.