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Grafio does not support iCloud yet. We have to change our database in order to support iCloud. We have already started work on this new Database and once it is finished we are going to add iCloud as well.

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Each app is restricted to it’s folder and Grafio is a separate app from Grafio Lite. The only way for now is for you to send email to yourself with the documents you want to transfer between the two apps. The email will contain .idd file (Grafio Document) which you can open with Grafio from your email.

You can also use Dropbox to export from the lite and import in the full version.

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Grafio can export your diagram as an image in your iPad gallery, Air Print it, upload it to or send email with image and .idd file (idesk document). 

Category: Using Grafio

Absolutely! Grafio is meant to be used as a diagram editor and presentational tool.

All you need is to plug a VGA connector to your iPad and a VGA icon will show up on the toolbar, when clicked it sends output to the external video device of your choice.

The output will show only your canvas (no buttons and toolbars) so it looks very professional. You can use it in business meetings, lectures, etc.

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The connections are very intuitive once you learn how to do them. Here are some instructions to help you make connections:

-Make sure the shape recognition is ON

-Make sure you are drawing a straight line not curved or angular.

-Make sure the line is starting and then ending inside the path of closed shapes.

This are the only rules you have to follow, no there are no problems with the connection or at least not that we know of. So it should work like a charm. Watch this video tutorial on connections if you haven’t already.

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