The new Vidra Plus -$4.99


September is knocking on the door, everybody is preparing for school and so are we! Many schools asked us if we can provide Vidra as a standalone app so they can get it more easily and budget friendly trough the available Apple educational purchase programs.

“It is a dynamite classroom performer and the kids make some fantastic content for our Science units.”

– Teacher

One of the most important things for us is hearing our users and covering their needs adequately. And here it is: Vidra Plus is now on the AppStore!

If you however need to take a sneak peak on the app before spending money, we still have Vidra Free for you to get in the mood 😉


  1. Watermark

    Why ist there at all endings “Made with Vidra” i pay for the app! I don´t want to have a commercial at a professional meeting!

    How can get rid of this.

  2. When I record I’m not getting any sound on playback. I’ve given Vidra permission to use my microphone. iPad Mini and iPad Pro. Is there a trick I’m missing?

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