28 Jul 2015


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We should agree that the last years memes are becoming a standard type of humor and their use is becoming more diverse. For a long time, Internet humor was mostly focused on global topics such as sex, gender and animals. The visual form of Internet memes and the common use of the English language have also played a role in the global popularity of the memes. Online meme culture has also increased in more localised form. We can say that the meme became a global carrier which allow people to talk about their local topics, closer in time, space and language, in addition to the more universal themes.

The story of memes is important to understand the digital culture. It is a characteristic of an Internet subculture and it is developing and breaking more and more into the mainstream.

The meme is a form of visual entertainment, a joke, which can be a still image, an animated GIF, or even a video. Most of these images are simplistic, often low quality and common in style. They are not meant to be beautiful or particularly realistic, the focus is on the message.

The meme represents its idea through icons, just like in the comic books, where actions and emotions are represented by icons. By communicating mostly using icons, both comic books and memes are teaching readers a global and different kind of language and inspiring them to communicate in a similar humorous fashion.

Limor Shifman says that humor can be “a unique key for the understanding of social and cultural processes.” Memes also offer this unique insight.

Meme Stencils in Grafio

Here is a free collection of vector images of the most popular rage faces including the Troll Face, F^ck Yea, FFFUUU and more memes created in Garfio. Hope you will enjoy them and use it in your own designs, showing some funny feelings and expressions.

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Meme stencils

Meme Examples

The samples you see below were created in Grafio using the Meme stencils. You can download any sample and open it in Grafio.

Sandwich plz

Meme - Sandwich plz