Grafio as a teaching tool

About teaching with iPad

Since iPad came out it instantly changed many things in our lives. One of them is how we teach and learn. Today the iPad is one very powerful tool in every teacher’s arsenal. It allows you to have fully functional computer experience in your classroom. Both for you as a teacher and also for your students. There are hundreds of educational apps available, who could be helpful in a different tasks.

One of them is Grafio. In fact Grafio has huge teaching potential. It is used by many teachers from elementary school to the university. With the time Grafio become favourite app for teachers and students, because:

Grafio is great content generating tool.

You can create all sorts of diagrams for under 5 minutes. They look professional and you can use them right away. You can make your plan for the lesson or create explanatory diagram for the more complicated stuff. Every document you create can be easily shared with your students or with other teachers.

Speakers and Physics


Grafio can be used as interactive whiteboard.

Yes that’s right. You can turn Grafio into interactive whiteboard. You can do that by connecting your iPad to projector, external monitor or apple TV. Now your students will be able to see your iPad screen in real time. Imagine how convenient is to be able to draw, delete, create shapes and connections, change colours and move stuff around. Live, in front of the class. No more whiteboard markers. No more students taking pictures of the whiteboard. You can e-mail them the important stuff.

Newtons laws


You can print.

This is also convenient feature. Grafio supports printing. If you have wifi enabled printer you can print the content you’ve created for your students right away.

Grafio is also useful for  student assignments.

For example to explain their understanding of complex stuff. You can also use Grafio as homework tool. You can request the students to do their homework with Grafio and e-mail it to you. It is more convenient for you and them. In fact many classes are already doing that.

Grafio is part of Apple’s educational discount program.

If you’re teacher or you represent an educational institution you get serious price discount.

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