Grafio 4 Highlights

After a long silence, we’re almost ready to launch Grafio 4. Some of the notable improvements to expect:

  • iCloud support
  • Standard file browsing interface
  • Other cloud services supported in the Files app
  • 3000+ free new icons
  • Precision toolbar
  • Library search
  • Handwriting notes in each shape

There are a few important considerations:

  • In order to become cloud-compliant, the document format had to be changed. Once you run Grafio 4 for the first time, it will automatically convert all of your existing projects to the new format. This means those files will not be supported by Grafio 3 apps (on other devices) anymore.
  • All the converted existing documents will be saved in the device’s local storage as they were in Grafio 3. From then on, if you’d like to move them to the cloud, you need to do that by yourself and choose the folder(s) they are supposed to stay in the future.
  • The user interface is deliberately the same as Grafio 3 in order to keep existing users comfortable. Don’t expect a flashy new outlook, most of the work has been done deep below the surface.

Why so long?

Good observers would ask – why did it take such a long time to introduce “standard” features such as cloud support. To make the long story short – we had to waste a big chunk of time rebuilding the data model in a few wrong formats. This happened since every new format introduced another insurmountable challenge – missing document thumbnails, third-party cloud service incompatibility, sluggish performance, just to name a few. So, after restarting the transition process so many times from scratch we finally hope it works as expected now.

Stay tuned!