Grafio Diagram Example Files – Resurrected from the dead!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 5.23.49 PM Checkout our new examples page and all the example diagrams you can download and open in Grafio.

The Story…

The examples page is not new as many of you know but it was missing from our site since we redesigned the site about 6 months ago. Here are some of your feedback regarding our missing page:

“I’ve been looking for #madewithgrafio files but didn’t found them”

“Where the h… are the examples files?”

“Developer is dead no updates on site…”

That last one was actually a review on the App Store but the important part is we “resurrected” if I may the examples directory and you can download all kinds of cool documents from there.

Send us your creations

Wanna share your cool diagram with the world? Send it our way and we will upload it in the examples directory. You can do that directly from the app.