02 Jun 2016

Is Mark Zuckerberg using Grafio?

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    This morning, a day in the office like any other I was drinking coffee and going trough Facebook posts when suddenly a cool diagram appeared. Mark Zuckerberg had posted this diagram explaining how the communication with the ISS was made in order for Facebook to broadcast the first ever Facebook Live video from Space. There were […]

01 Dec 2015

Capture your ideas

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You are sleeping and having a dream. You wake up and for a brief moment(a couple of seconds) you remember it and then it’s gone forever. Your dream just vanishes in thin air. The same thing happens to your ideas.  Memories worth more than ideas This all has to do with our memory. As humans we […]

10 Nov 2015

11.11 – China Online Revolution

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Great news, everybody! 11.11.2015 – It’s 11th November! This year Grafio joins China’s Online Shop-a-ton! The largest online shopping day in China is already here and we are ready with an irresistible promo offer – just $3.99 !!! You don’t want to miss this awesome gift! Viva la revolucion! 🙂 网上购物革命! *只限一天, 限時優惠至11/11 11:59pm

03 Nov 2015

Watch 9 Cool Stories Told with Vidra

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Vidra allows you to draw, add images search 100,000 icons record your voice and add background music. The limits to what you can make with Vidra are only your imagination 🙂 You’ve probably wondered “How to create a YouTube video?”. Or what about “How to make a YouTube video on your iPad?”. With Vidra it […]

29 Oct 2015

Halloween! Trick or Treat?

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It’s that time of the year again! Make your message extra special by designing your own Halloween postcard within minutes for free. Check out these funny little vector icons made in Grafio and unleash your imagination to surprise your friends. With Grafio most postcards are made within minutes and have that original feeling that you […]

21 Oct 2015

Grafio Diagram Example Files – Resurrected from the dead!

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Checkout our new examples page and all the example diagrams you can download and open in Grafio. The Story… The examples page is not new as many of you know but it was missing from our site since we redesigned the site about 6 months ago. Here are some of your feedback regarding our missing […]

12 Oct 2015

6 easy non-diagram designs you can make with Grafio

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Grafio is an amazing app for diagrams and graphs but did you know it could also be used to make simple designs similar to Canva. Unlike other mind mapping apps Grafio has always preserved the freedom of the user to move every object wherever he wants. Choosing the right canvas size here is what you […]

08 Oct 2015

Visual vs. Verbal

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There are two ways of retrieving memories from the mind: visual and verbal, using pictures and using words. We’ll look at what describes visual vs. verbal learning in some examples. Visual learners learn most efficiently, when material is presented in form of diagrams, flowcharts, pictures, demonstrations, etc. They tend to forget spoken words and ideas. […]

27 Aug 2015

The new Vidra Plus -$4.99

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September is knocking on the door, everybody is preparing for school and so are we! Many schools asked us if we can provide Vidra as a standalone app so they can get it more easily and budget friendly trough the available Apple educational purchase programs. “It is a dynamite classroom performer and the kids make […]