How to use the precision toolbar

You may have noticed there is a new icon that appears on the left border when you select a shape or multiple shapes. It looks like this:

When you tap it, the following toolbar appears:

Let’s get acquainted with its features, listed from top to bottom by rows:

Row 1 (topmost):

  • X position (with increase and decrease buttons)
  • Delta mode (move shapes by offset from current position, not absolute position)
  • Y position (with increase and decrease buttons)

Row 2:

  • Width (with increase and decrease buttons)
  • Constrain size (links width and height increments together in order to keep the proportions of the shape)
  • Height (with increase and decrease buttons)

Row 3:

  • Send to back (behind all other shapes)
  • Send backward (one level closer to the background)
  • Bring forward (one level upper)
  • Bring to front (in front of all other shapes)
  • Percentage (allows you to change the width/height of shapes by fractions of their current size)
  • Rotation angle (with increase and decrease buttons)

Row 4 (the last one on the bottom):

  • Flip shape horizontally
  • Flip shape vertically
  • Distribute shapes horizontally
  • Distribute shapes vertically
  • Align shapes left
  • Align shapes middle
  • Align shapes right
  • Align shapes top
  • Align shapes center
  • Align shapes bottom

Align buttons need at least 2 shapes selected. Distribute buttons need at least 3 shapes selected.

If multiple shapes are selected, resizing is disabled. This will be changed in a future release to affect each selected shape simultaneously.